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Do you have a problem with your...



DHC Utilities can assist with...

• Lead Pipe Replacement

• Water Leak Detection

• Water Leak Repairs

• Impact Moling

• Replacement Water Mains

DHC Utilities can assist with...

• Drain Unblocking

• Drainage Repairs

• Drain Surveys

• Drain Jetting

• Patch Lining

• New Installations

Once You Have Identified a Problem, Why Choose us at DHC Utilities?

If you encounter any of the above drainage issues, we understand the immediate panic and concern. However, we are here to help, so please try not to worry. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can send one of our trusted, friendly, professional engineers to assist you with your problem. They will do this in a respectful, honest way; ensuring they leave you with complete peace of mind. Because of our experience and knowledge within the industry, we promise our customers that we will assist each case, aiming for a same day call out ! We are here to assist you, way before your problem escalates and becomes a more pressing issue.

We are proud of the honest, trustworthy testimonies we have received over our many years of service, which originate from satisfied, relieved clients. This has earned us coveted reviews on Google, which we are incredibly honoured by.

Our Extensive Services:

You may be forgiven for thinking we just specialise in every day, common blocked drains. However, our extensive experience in the industry has seen us diverge into many other drainage avenues. We are also fully qualified to assist you with the following services:


  • CCTV Drain Surveys

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Patch Lining

  • Drain Jetting

  • Dye Testing

  • Sonar Drain Tracing

​Water Mains:

  • Moling

  • Water Main Leak

  • Lead Pipe Replacements


  • Flat Drain Maintenance

  • Home Drain Maintenance

  • School Drain Maintenance

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