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Water main leak

What Are The


You might think a leak is easy to spot, but there are several signs which would indicate a leak which is less obvious. If you experience a reduced level of water output from a particular tap, then it may be that water is escaping via a hole in the piping. Alternatively, if you have a drip which will not stop, this can also be indicative of a leak. 

Another sign of a less obvious leak is if you have very high water consumption. You will need to have a water meter at the boundary of your property to check this however.

Spotted a


Developing a leak in your water main is a huge problem. Especially as you might not even know it’s happening until significant damage has been done to your property.

But there are ways you can spot a leak and prevent it from becoming a major issue. It’s also a good idea to know what to do in the event of a water main leak because acting quickly will help to minimise the damage. 

Who Is


If you are the homeowner, then it will be your responsibility to resolve the problem.

If you are renting a property, it may be the responsibility of your landlord, but you need to look at your tenancy agreement to be sure.

If you are experiencing a leak because new repairs have been done recently, it may well be their responsibility.

If you’re in any doubt, you can contact us on 07753 259 174 for a free consultation.

A Drop in Water


One sign of a potential water main leak is a sudden drop in water pressure throughout your home’s plumbing system. This drop may be noticeable when turning on faucets or showers and not getting enough flow from them as usual.

Lowered water pressure can also cause dishwashers to take longer to fill up than normal since they need at least 15 PSI (pounds per square inch) for proper operation.

Lowered pressure could also make it difficult for toilets to flush properly. If you notice any changes in the way these appliances run due to lowered water pressure, it might be time to call DHC Utilities for an inspection of your plumbing system!

High Water


One telltale sign that you have a potential water main leak is receiving unusually high bills from your local utility company even though you haven’t made any major changes in how much water you use at home lately.

If this happens then it’s likely that some of the water being used at your house isn’t making its way into the sewers but instead is leaking out somewhere else unseen.

This means you are paying for usage even though most of it isn’t actually being used inside the house! A quality experienced water company like ourselves here at DHC Utilities can detect where this wasted water might be going and repair it quickly before more money goes down the drain (literally!).

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