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Drain Dye Testing

What is

Dye Testing

Dye tests are a non-invasive option for assessing if a drain has been compromised or incorrectly installed. Dye is added to the drain, water is flushed through, and visual checks can be made further down the line to see if the dye appears where expected.

This can be useful where there are large numbers or complex setups of drains allowing us to map out the drain setup without having to look at more invasive methods such as digging.

Setup of

My Drains

While it is not obvious on the surface, there are different types of drains running beneath us. Drains serve different purposes and have different exit locations depending on their purpose:

Sewage Drains: The soil pipe from your home or business runs into a sewage drain which ends up at a waste processing plant for treatment

Storm Drains: These are the drains you will commonly see laid in the road. They are for managing rainfall and in most circumstances will run directly into the nearest natural water source such as a river.

If drains become damaged or are installed incorrectly, a sewage drain can empty its contents with a storm drain resulting in harmful waste flowing into the local environment. Equally if a storm drain can flow into a sewage drain, during heavy rainfall it can easily overwhelm the sewage drains capacity causing an overflow.

Who is


Drains serving solely your property and within your property boundary are your responsibility to keep in working order.


Beyond your property boundary or if the drains are shared by multiple homes or premises are the responsibility of your utility company.

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