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CCTV Drain Survey

What is

Sonar Drain Tracing?

Sometimes called ‘Electro-magnetic Sonding,’ the process of sonar drain tracing works by putting a sonde (a self-contained sonar transmitter) onto a crawler device. For example, this could be a camera or a flexible rod. This sonde is then fed deep into the drain.

At each position the engineer wants to take a reading from, the transmitter will send a sonar pulse outward in a circular configuration. A trained DHC technician will then be waiting above ground, with a receiver device, to take the reading. It is then that they will be able to adjust and prepare the receiver to take accurate measurements (depending on the sonar frequency emitted).

Measuring these pulses allows the experts to not only pinpoint the exact location of a drain or a drain issue, but also determine how deep down the drain is by measuring the distance between the sonde underground and receiver device above ground.

When should I have

Sonar Drain Tracing?

Drain tracing will help you find the exact location and route of drainage throughout your property, even if the drain covers were buried a long time ago. Tracing is often required if a drain has collapsed and you are not sure where to excavate, to repair the damaged piping.

At DHC, our high-tech cameras have tracing capability, so that we can mark out above ground exactly where the drains are running to and how deep they are. In this way, we often find where hidden and buried utility access holes are as well as the exact location for drain repairs, such as collapsed pipes.


Using this method we can accurately:

  • map where the drains are specifically on a drainage plan

  • ascertain the exact depth and location of drains to ensure correct ground markings

Who is


Drains that serve solely your property, are your responsibility to maintain and repair.

Any shared drain services are the responsibility of your utility company

We are a Water Industry Approved Plumber (WIAPS) based in Manchester with over 15 years of experience in drain maintenance so if you’re unsure if you’re responsible, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

We also offer a 24-hour call out service for emergencies so if you need urgent assistance, please call Ray on 07753 259 174

Drains repeatedly
becoming blocked?
blocked drain
The Problem

You may have already had someone work on the drains once or multiple times, but they keep becoming blocked. This would suggest any action taken to unblock them previously has been ineffective, which could be either due to the incorrect course of action, or the extent of the issue not found in full.

The Solution


Where drains are becoming blocked regularly, a CCTV drainage survey is the best course of action to fully understand what is wrong.

Issues can range from, a build-up of waste to a collapsed drain. Different causes require different solutions to rectify, identifying the cause is what the survey is for.

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