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Blocked Drains Manchester



Blocked Drains

What Do I Do?

It is paramount that the first thing you should do is immediately suspend introducing new water and waste materials into the drain. In simple terms, this means: stop flushing your toilet, stop running water, and cease any activities that involve your outgoing waste water pipes, until you have identified whether or not you indeed do have a blockage.

The next step is then to contact a drainage specialist, in order to identify if the drain is public property or private. In the event of the former, your local authority has a legal obligation to correct the problem for you.

Who is


The first thing to be certain of is the ownership of the drain because the responsibility for drain repair will depend on whether the drain is public or private. Your local authority has a legal obligation to repair damages to public drains. However, If the drain is on your property, as a homeowner, you have a legal responsibility to fix any issues relating to your drains.

How to Fix


First and foremost, regular maintenance is the best solution. This is typically a yearly clean and review of your drains by a professional to ensure any small issues don’t build up and become a larger problem in the future!

Also give consideration towards what you put down your drains, in regards to: grease, fat, large amounts of paper and non-biodegradable items such as sanitary products and ear buds.

I Think There May Be Problems with My Drains...
Blocked drain
Drain unblocked
Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a common issue that are easy to identify. When drains become completely blocked, water no longer drains away and you will start getting large puddles or water forming near the closest outlet, such as manhole covers, grids or other similar locations around your property. This is usually the first cause for concern, so look out for these!

Partial Blockages

Partially blocked drains, or ones in need of maintenance, are not as obvious as the water will drain away over time. However, there are still signs to look out for. These are outlined underneath:

  • Slow draining, or standing water

  • Unpleasant smells from the drains

  • Noises when water drains away can suggest blockages further down the pipe

Once You Have Identified a Problem, Why Choose us at DHC Utilities?

If you encounter any of the above drainage issues, we understand the immediate panic and concern. However, we are here to help, so please try not to worry. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can send one of our trusted, friendly, professional engineers to assist you with your problem. They will do this in a respectful, honest way; ensuring they leave you with complete peace of mind. Because of our experience and knowledge within the industry, we promise our customers that we will assist each case, aiming for a same day call out! We are here to assist you, way before your problem escalates and becomes a more pressing issue.

We are proud of the honest, trustworthy testimonies we have received over our many years of service, which originate from satisfied, relieved clients. This has earned us coveted reviews on Checkatrade and Google, which we are incredibly honoured by.

Our Extensive Services:


You may be forgiven for thinking we just specialise in every day, common blocked drains. However, our extensive experience in the industry has seen us diverge into many other drainage avenues. We are also fully qualified to assist you with the following services: 



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