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Drain Full to Empty

Blocked Drains

What Do I Do?

If you’re in Davyhulme East and are experiencing blocked drains, don’t hesitate to reach out to DHC Utilities. We have a team of experienced professionals who will be able to quickly and efficiently clear your drains, getting you back to normal in no time. Give us a call today!

We provide a full emergency call-out service in Davyhulme East and the surrounding areas. With us, you get urgent blocked drain assistance, simply by calling 07753 259 174.

Blocked drains have a few tell-tale signs from when the blockage starts, to it getting progressively worse, which will create significantly troublesome problems inside and around your property. These can include bad smells, odd noises, and slow draining, which can worsen to no draining at all.

Over many years of experience, we have developed a robust, effective service; in which we deal with blocked drains, allowing us to fix the problem quickly, efficiently, and with minimal to no digging and subsequent damage.

Common Causes

of Blockages

No matter where the blockage occurs in your drains, there are three areas they always start from. By being mindful of what you are putting down your drains, you can help keep them flowing for longer and therefore blockage free! After all, prevention is always better than cure!

Where blockages tend to occur:

Outside the Property:

  • Tree roots

  • Excessive Garden waste such as leaves and soil.


From the Kitchen:

  • Food waste such as vegetable scraps

  • Coffee grounds or tea leaves

  • Traditional soaps (which contain greases and fats)


From the Bathroom:

  • Hair

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Non-flushable paper

  • Traditional soaps (which contain greases and fats)

  • Excessive amounts of dirt


Winter Ready!

The colder, wetter months in winter and autumn put obvious additional strain on your drains in Davyhulme East.

Most commonly, the following are problems to be aware of during this time:

  • Freezing and thawing of pipes resulting in breaks and cracks

  • Ice build-up catching waste

  • Fat and oil solidifying in pipes due to the cold weather


Coupled with heavy rainfall, unmaintained drains can quickly become overwhelmed, causing inevitable problems to arise. The quicker these are dealt with, the better for both you and your home.

Preventing Blocked Drains in Davyhulme East...

Drain Maintenance


All too often, many of us wait until something goes wrong with our drains before looking after them.

Regular drain maintenance leads to a healthy drain system at your property, which means you are not left with any unexpected problems when you least need them.

Here at DHC Utilities, our maintenance service is a simple annual check-up that allows us to identify and resolve problems before they become even the slightest of issues for you and your home.

Partial Blockages

Partially blocked drains, or ones in need of maintenance, are not as obvious as the water will drain away over time.

However, there are still signs to look out for. These are outlined underneath:

  • Slow draining, or standing water

  • Unpleasant smells from the drains

  • Noises when water drains away can suggest blockages further down the pipe

Once You Have Identified a Problem, Why Choose us at DHC Utilities?

If you encounter any of the above drainage issues, we understand the immediate panic and concern.

However, we are here to help, so please try not to worry. The sooner you call us, we will immediately send one of our trusted, friendly, professional experts to assist you with your problem. They will do this in a respectful, honest way; ensuring they leave you with complete peace of mind.

Because of our experience and knowledge within the industry, we promise our customers that we will assist each case, usually on the day we receive your call! We are here to assist you, way before your problem escalates and becomes a more pressi
ng issue.

We are proud of the honest, trustworthy testimonies we have received over our many years of service, which originate from satisfied, relieved clients. This has earned us coveted reviews on Checkatrade and Google, which we are incredibly honoured by.

Our Extensive Services:

You may be forgiven for thinking we just specialise in every day, common blocked drains. However, our extensive experience in the industry has seen us diverge into many other drainage avenues. We are also fully qualified to assist you with the following services: 


  • CCTV Drain Surveys

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Patch Lining

  • Drain Jetting

  • Dye Testing

  • Sonar Drain Tracing

Water Mains:

  • Moling

  • Water Main Leak

  • Lead Pipe Replacements


  • Flat Drain Maintenance

  • Home Drain Maintenance

  • School Drain Maintenance

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